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Istock_000002930944xsmall_50percentSoftware development requires three fundamental elements; Art, Skill, and Science. At Turquoisesoft we combine it with passion. Result? Maintainable, scalable, and dependable software. We specialize in Web, Desktop, and Data Services development. See Our Services for more details.

We're all about being agile!

Phase One: Pen and Paper
This is our initial meeting. We rough out a plan. Come up with the requirements.
Phase Two: Instant Gratification
We build a prototype that includes most of the major requirements.
Phase Three: Feature Integration
We make sure all feature requests have met.
Phase Four: Design
We integrate branding, images, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
Phase Five: Final Touches
We ensure everything is tested and works as expected.
Phase Six: Go Live!
We're ready to deploy your site in production and your customers ready to use it.

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